Omnibustudio di Ricky Milano - Suono in presa diretta DEFECTUM 15

Dr. Krono lost his daughter at a very young age of just 9 years. To bring her back, he uses 2nd law of thermodynamics to reverse the energy and to achieve immortality. But it causes destruction all over the galaxy with no control over the destiny. Dr. Raja and Dr. Giapeto, two entropy experts must stop him from destroying the energy balance of our galaxy.

Hal Yamanouchi  —– Giapeto

Virgil-Henry Mathet —Krono

Piero Ali Passatore ——-Mik

Dylan Ayres ———-  Fregh

Abdullah Deol —— Dr. Raja

Ginevra Bertolani —- Evelyn

Mikel Guido Dolci —-  Alar